Risk Takers and Big Dreamers with Roger Creager and Matt Caldwell

Troubadour, TX- 2.19- “Risk Takers and Big Dreamers”- Roger Creager, Matt Caldwell from 41 Entertainment on Vimeo.

Roger Creager is known for his high energy performances. Fans will tell you Roger gives 100 percent every time he hits the stage. This is one Artist whose show is full on …high energy.


Matt Caldwell paid the bills working here…Before his publishing deal…Before his first single Matt installed Granite. Surrounded by slabs of marble and granite is an unlikely place for a music career to begin…but it takes time and money to pursue a dream…and sometimes that part of the journey looks a lot like hard work and manual labor.

Plus the first ever look at Roger Creager’s new music video.

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